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Introduction to Business Course – Engaging Lessons for a Full Year Course / Curriculum

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This Introduction to Business course can be used for an Introduction to Business, Business Essentials, or an Entrepreneurship Class as there is plenty of material!  The file has an easy to follow curriculum FOR A FULL YEAR that aligns to the National Business Education Association (NBEA) Standards.  All activities and projects are DIGITAL and attach easily to any learning management system! They are in Google Doc and Google Slide format and can be downloaded easily as Microsoft documents.

So many lessons from all types of business education subjects which makes this resource the perfect tool for the multi-prep business education teacher!  Break it up and use the different lessons in all of your business classes saving you tons of prep time!

Here is a video preview of this resource.

This bundle is FULL of resources but DOES NOT include assessments.

**All resource links are flattened, so students CANNOT copy and paste their answers. Students must use their critical thinking skills and build on their knowledge in order to complete the prompts.**

Teacher’s keys are included.

SPECIAL BONUSWhen buying this bundle, you receive the easy to follow Teacher’s LESSON LIBRARY which is 14-pages! The lesson library is a valuable tool for the teacher that lists all lessons, links to the lesson, projects, and teacher’s keys in the order that is recommended to teach!



Introduction to Business Course Units and Lessons Included:

Introduction to Business:

  • Types of Businesses
  • Types of Business Ownership
  • What is an Entrepreneur?
  • Entrepreneur Self-Assessment
  • Entrepreneurs/Philanthropists Study


  • What is Marketing?
  • Marketing Mix
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Functions of Marketing
  • What are Demographics?
  • Practice with Demographics
  • Marketing Segmentation
  • How Will I Advertise?
  • Let’s Get Social
  • Promotional Activity File
  • Promotional Website Web Search
  • Fair Packaging and Labeling Act
  • Consumer Behavior and Color Advertising
  • Why Would I Buy This?
  • Paper Airplane Project

Leadership and Management:

  • Leadership Qualities
  • Management Styles
  • Human Resources Management

The Stock Market an Investing:

  • Stock Market Discovery and NYC Virtual Tour
  • Types of Investments Introductory Lesson

Business Law:

  • Intellectual Property
  • Labor Laws
  • Consumer Rights
  • Workers’ Rights Under OSHA
  • Contract Law
  • McDonald’s Coffee Lawsuit
  • Cadbury vs Hershey Lawsuit Case Study
  • American Eagle Lawsuit Case Study
  • Federal Agencies that Protect the Law
  • White Collar Crime
  • Insider Trading and the Law

Employability/Soft Skills:

  • Soft Skills Reflection
  • Skills Self-Assessment
  • Communication Skills File
  • Time Management
  • Empathy
  • Teamwork

International Business and Commodities Studies:

  • International Business Study
  • Commodity Study on Avocados
  • Commodity Study on Bananas
  • Commodity Study on Coffee
  • Commodity Study on Cocoa

Understanding Accounting for Business Students:

  • Accounting Sketch Notes
  • The Balance Sheet Explained
  • The Income Statement Explained
  • Accounting Departments

Business Plan:

  • Intro to Business Plan Writing
  • Business Plan Template

Business Careers Exploratory:

  • Management as a Career
  • Human Resources Careers
  • Social Media Manager as a Career
  • Accounting as a Career
  • Actuary Science Careers
  • Careers in Marketing
  • Real Estate Careers
  • Financial Analyst Career
  • Careers in Public Relations

Business Writing Prompts:

  • Over 20 engaging business writing prompts perfect as bell ringers!

Sub Day Survival Lessons:

  • Performance Expectations in the Workplace
  • Job Interview Tips Digital Activity
  • Resume Writing Tips
  • Public Relations Case Study
  • Digital Citizenship For Teens

Bonus Digital Lesson: Financial Advice for Teens from Experts!

This Full Year Introduction to Business course includes student-led material. No PowerPoints needed as all of the information is included to allow the students to discover on their own and present to the class. Also, the lesson library includes formative assessment templates that can be edited and customized for any lesson. There are no tests or quizzes included in this resource to allow for teacher autonomy on student assessment.


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