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Introduction to Law & Business Law Course Curriculum – 38 Engaging Law Lessons for a Semester Class

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This Introduction to Law and Business Law Course MEGA BUNDLE includes 4 bundles – 38 DIGITAL ACTIVITES for a SEMESTER CLASS! As we all know, Business Law can be a dry subject. So instead of teaching to PowerPoints, I have found this student-led, discovery method is much more engaging for my students and really puts students in the driver’s seat of their education. An instructional video is included in this resource to offer a guide and suggestions as to how the author suggests implementing the lessons. NO PREP LESSONS! Some lessons are great for SUB DAYS!

Also, watch this video for my guided tour of this Mega Bundle.

These are all digital files so students can fill in their own copy of the activity. The digital activities flawlessly send to all learning management systems as they are Google Docs.

Business Law Course – 4 Bundles + Bonus Files

The ‘Introduction of Law’ Bundle is the first bundle of lessons that I teach:

  • Purpose of Law
  • Goals of Law
  • Law and Values
  • Types of Law
  • Criminal vs Civil Law
  • Felony vs Misdemeanor
  • Intro to Tort Law
  • Eight Basic Consumer Rights
  • Contract Law
  • Steps in a Trial
  • Workers’ Rights – Intro to OSHA
  • Branches of Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Uniform Commercial Code
  • Consumer Law
  • Federal Agencies that Provide Consumer Protection

The Second bundle includes:

  • Contract Law – Examples and Discovery
  • Antitrust Law – Discovery and Investigation
  • Patent Law & Intellectual Property-Case Study
  • White Collar Crime – Discovery Activity
  • Trademark Law – Gives Examples
  • Warranty Law – Walks through Examples

The Third bundle includes:

  • The Most Infamous Class Action Lawsuits of All Time.
  • Teaching about our 4th amendment and search and seizure procedures and restrictions.
  • Consumer Rights and Fair Labeling and Packing Act – Case Study
  • Law as a Career (corporate Attorney)
  • Discovery Activity for Law documents and what makes a legal document valid.

The Fourth bundle includes:

  • International Trade Dispute (Intellectual Property and Rights to Produce and Sell) Apple vs Qualcomm
  • 2 Consumer Rights cases – American Eagle Outfitters and Snapchat
  • Discrimination Worker’s Rights case – Ikea
  • Trademark Infringement case – Starbucks vs Sambucks
  • Antitrust Case – Apple vs Qualcomm
  • GMO Food lawsuit – Kashi All Natural Foods


  • Property Law Digital Activity
  • Business Law Vocabulary and Legal Terms Activity File
  • Valentine’s Day Lawsuits Fun Case Studies
  • Labor and Employment Law Digital Activity

For a guided tour of this MEGA BUNDLE, please watch my YOUTUBE video!

This digital activity bundle is a whole curriculum and an entire course on all of the essential information needed for students to understand and learn the main components of business law, law, and ethics. Maximize engagement and critical thinking skills while students learn! A Win! Win!

This resource bundle DOES NOT include PowerPoints or tests.


3 reviews for Introduction to Law & Business Law Course Curriculum – 38 Engaging Law Lessons for a Semester Class

  1. Denise Leigh

    My students really like the project activities that helped my students stay supper engaged. Great bundle, buy it, you wont be disappointed.

  2. Denise Leigh

    Great no prep bundle that covers many topics. I have enjoyed using them in class. Denise is awesome about answering any questions that I have had.
    — Kim W.

  3. Denise Leigh

    This was SO helpful when building my Law 1 & 2 courses this year! I came into my job determined not to be a “textbook teacher” where we just read and answer questions. This bundle was my saving grace in order to avoid that! Many of my students loved the case studies and the student-driven tasks. THANK YOU!
    — Madison E.

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