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Boardwalk Business Marketing – A Marketing Class Lesson

$ 7.25


This Boardwalk Business Marketing digital resource is an ENGAGING and ATTRACTIVE Google Slide file (or convert to Microsoft PowerPoint).  A great survival lesson to review some Key marketing lessons for Marketing and Entrepreneurship students.
This file will take about 1 hour of class time to complete as well as additional time for great/rich class discussions.
This marketing class lesson emphasizes and teaches the components of a target market and each market segmentation component.  Answers will vary and the glory of this file will be in the conversation and awareness of the great rich content that it introduces and reiterates. — That said, I never grade this for right and wrong answers.  I grade this for how considerate and thorough the students are in their responses.
Perfect for a Marketing Class, Intro to Business (Essentials) Class, or Entrepreneurship Class!
Concepts learned:
  • The components and characteristics of a Target Market,
  • Niche marketing,
  • Students do a SWOT analysis on a boardwalk business.
✅Includes a Student Example as an Answer Key
⭐Perfect for a Sub Day lesson or Remote Instruction.


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