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My Passion Project – The City Collaborative™ Business Education Project-Based Learning Project

Revolutionize your Business Education classroom!

I have created an immersive BUSINESS EDUCATION PROJECT-BASED RESOURCE that offers instructions and lessons to create your own city in YOUR business education classroom!

This project is perfect for Entrepreneurship class, Marketing class, and Business Essentials (Introduction to Business) class.

Yes…I have a “maker space” separate from my classroom to create this city model. I have great ideas of how a teacher, without so much space, can do this too!

The City Collaborative™ has transformed my teaching!

When students have stake in the game, they are more invested! I have seen it first-hand! Well…to be honest…I was a bit late to the party. I knew about project-based assessment and project based learning, but I didn’t give it a good try. Sure, I would have students do projects for years. Actually, I have them do several projects. The projects that they completed were relevant and worthwhile. However, they seemed like separate projects…I guess because they were! I wanted them all to LINK…have SYNERGY and create true synthesis of all business concepts and standards. I was never really able to accomplish that until the pandemic of 2020. There was no doubt in my mind that we would all benefit from ONE continuing project throughout the year…and boy did we ever! After students were void of school for several months, they were quiet, uncertain, and they all seemed to be “reluctant learners”…even my kids who loved school!

Because of this hostile take-over of my classroom (taken over by reluctant learners) I created “The City Collaborative™….a truly collaborative, project-based simulation. THAT is when pure EDUCATIONAL MAGIC HAPPENED!

My City Collaborative™ project-based resource is PACKED with Step-by-Step lessons for:

  • Business Basics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Business law
  • Management/Leadership
  • …and MORE!

What does this resource include?

  • A video on how to construct the buildings.
  • Several printable and ready to go building fronts.
  • Video on each of the three components of the project: vision board, business structure, and business plan.
  • Over 30 digital lessons that cover marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, management/leadership, and more…ALL connected to the students business that THEY created!

Here are some pics of our project.

I am so proud of these kids!

My Accounting Students were wanting to get involved in the big city project! So they did a BIG FOUR ACCOUNTING FIRMS career research project. They wrote their findings right on the buildings!

In the Spring of 2022, my classroom was featured on a segment on CBS News Pittsburgh showcasing our City.

Click on the above photo to see our segment on CBS News Pittsburgh.

Here is a Supply List that I used for my City (these are all Amazon Affiliate Links)

Road Tape-Used to map out the streets and make the city blocks.

Rotating Bookcase/display case-to display business buildings

Roll of cobblestone walk-Used outside of the building’s front door (you can also print out cobblestone on the printer)

Roll of brick walk-Used outside of the building’s front door (you can also print out brick walk on the printer)

Grass-Used for green spaces in our city

“Come in We’re OPEN” Sign-Classroom Decor

Small Trees and Shrubs-Used as accessories

Small People-Accessories (I bought these to the scale of our city)

Park Bench-Accessories (I bought these to the scale of our city)

Double-sided Mounting Tape-Used to attach the building fronts and side to the boxes (neater than glue)

Nanotape Double-Sided Tape – Great for mounting on walls without taking off the paint

Black Duck Tape-Used for building corners and tops of buildings to cover the roof.

Brown Duck Tape-Used for building corners and tops of buildings to cover the roof.


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