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Making High School Accounting Class Review FUN is my JAM!

Sketching for better understanding!

Why sketch accounting concepts?

  • Use your left AND right brain!
  • Revisit important concepts
  • “See” concepts in a different and more visual way
  • Turn verbal instruction to visible
  • The more we SEE information,…the better we RETAIN it!
  • Have FUN while learning!

I use sketch noting AFTER I teach the first three chapters in my text to review and revisit those super-important concepts that really need to be mastered before moving forward.

The second time that I sketch note with students is the ACCOUNTS PAYABLE vs ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE concepts.

I also have a sketch note that I complete with students when explaining the accounts included on both the INCOME STATEMENT & BALANCE SHEETS.

I also make the above anchor chart to explain the sometimes confusing concept of RECEIVABLES vs PAYABLES. I make one live with each of my classes while they complete their own smaller version. Students admit that the activity helps clear-up confusion and helps them understand the difference between the customers and vendors. I will often see students looking back at my large anchor chart during future lessons to reference this visual aid as I always put my anchor charts on display for student reference in future lessons.

This engaging and creative resource is available in my TpT Store! The sketch notes included:

  • Accounting equation and account classifications
  • Financial statements
  • Receivables vs Payables

TEACHERS KEYS ARE INCLUDED for easy completion! Just project the key on the board for students to copy and complete. I will often play music while they color…why not have FUN in accounting class???

CLICK HERE to purchase my Accounting Sketch Notes!

Change the way you teach Accounting!


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