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Accounting Class Simulation Activity – For Review or an Assessment

Check for understanding before moving on with your students!

In my High School Accounting 1 class, I always finish the first three (3) chapters of my textbook around the beginning of October. I DON’T RUSH THE FIRST THREE CHAPTERS! I also make sure that students really understand and master those concepts covered in those chapters:

  • Understanding and identifying entrepreneurial concepts
  • Setting up a business structure
  • Create a chart of accounts
  • Analyze transactions
  • Create transactions from source documents
  • Assess GAAP Concepts

It was important to me that I had a means (other than a test) to assess student understanding. Not being able to find one prompted me to create Pamela’s Pies. It’s a digital simulation that assesses student’s understanding of key concepts taught in the key three chapters at the beginning of the Accounting course. I allow students to use their ACCOUNTING CLASS SNIP NOTESwhen completing the file. It is a highly affective way to assess and offers a new and different way of covering the material. My kids love it! Your students will too!

When students learn to post to the general ledgers, they complete Part 2 of Pamela’s Pies. They appreciate revisiting Pamela’s entrepreneurial journey to show mastery in the posting concept.

Pamela’s Pies Part 1 and Part 2 for GENERAL JOURNAL or MULTI-COLUMN – Journalizing and Posting

Pamela’s Pies – Parts 1 & 2
(Recording Journal Entries & Posting)
I love to celebrate small victories in the educational process! When students are done with the simulation, WE EAT PIE!!!

Pamela’s Pies Part 3 – Accounting Class Review or Assessment for Cash Control Systems

I created Pamela’s Pies Part 3 to review Cash Control Concept:

  • Completing check stubs for a business checking account
  • Journalizing checks as source documents in the Multi-Column Journal
  • Writing checks
  • Endorsing checks
  • Establishing a petty cash fund
  • Replenishing a petty cash fund
  • Recording deposits and charges on check stubs

This simulation includes both the Multi-Column and the General Journal Approach for Accounting.

Pamela’s Pies – Parts 3 (Cash Control Systems)

Pamela’s Pies Part 4 – Accounting Class Review or Assessment for Payroll Accounting

This is a great assessment for student understanding of basic payroll functions.

Students learn to:

  • Tally time cards
  • Complete a payroll register
  • Calculate payroll deductions
  • Process payroll checks
  • Complete check stubs
  • Journalize a payment for payroll
Pamela’s Pies – Part 4 (Payroll Accounting)

Pamela’s Pies – All FOUR Part in ONE Money Saving Bundle!

I offer all four parts in one bundle to save you money. This includes both General Journal and Multi-Column Approach activities.




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