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Keyboarding Practice Typing FUN Learning Activities for Computer Applications Class!


A Perfect Assignment for Early Finishers in your Computer Apps class!

This lesson library is a MUST for Computer Application or Keyboarding teachers!

What do your computer applications students do when they are done with their assignment? Years ago, I used to allow my students to work on assignments for other classes. But I have found that this was a total disruption, or they weren’t using class time wisely. My policy in my Computer Applications classes is that when students are done with an assignment, they must be working on the computer for my class! These keyboarding files have proven to be so helpful in keeping students engaged and working on speed and accuracy when typing. That is not the only purpose that they serve. Many of these files are educational! This Martin Luther King, Jr. keyboarding file is one of my favorites. Students learn or relearn about this great man. They type famous quotes and excerpts from his speeches. Students are prompted to key some important facts about his legacy. These are Google slide files that students simply type directly in the file.

These files are also great when I am working with each student individually! Example: When I teach resume writing in my Computer Applications class, I work briefly with each student. I call this “teacher time” as each student gets time with the teacher! It’s a great way to conference with my students and they use me as a resume writing consultant! While I am only one person and can only meet with one student at a time, students can work on their keyboarding fun files and they never complain! They LOVE them! As one of my favorites is the Martin Luther King Jr. file and the Halloween keyboarding file, my students find the Pumpkin Spice Keyboarding file the best!

This is my ALL-TIME BEST SELLING Keyboarding Practice File – Students & Teachers alike LOVE it!

All I can say is… teachers never only buy one of these! When you need a day (homecoming week…before holiday break…a sub day…or the end of the school year) when you just need to keep students engaged, with no questions asked….these are a LIFESAVER! ALSO GREAT SUB DAY SURVIVAL LESSONS!

CLICK HERE for more information on the bundle of all of the keyboarding practice typing fun learning activity files!

My Keyboarding Practice Typing Fun Activities Bundle –
includes a lesson for every season and holiday of the school year!


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