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Business Education Classroom Decor & Bulletin Boards is my JAM!


Learning Environment = Student Engagement

This Entrepreneur Bulletin Board Set is in my TpT Store

Business Education Program Promotional

Bulletin Board Set

This Business Education Bulletin Board Set is also in my TpT Store
I display this bulletin board set during student scheduling time. Each class that is offered in my business education program is displayed on the board. It’s also an excellent set for the beginning of the year as it is so welcoming and positive!

Business Career Shout-Outs!

These grads LOVE their business careers!

Students AND teachers alike LOVE to walk by the display and see what graduates from our High School are doing. I simply post a Facebook request asking graduates to send me their career photos, year that they graduated, job description, and educational background. I have done this for the past several years during January and keep it up through February. This is PERFECT for Valentine’s Day!

Twitter Post Bulletin Board

Because of copyright infringement, this is not in my TpT Store, but I am happy to pass along the idea 🙂

Use Anchor Charts as Class Decor…

These anchor charts were created by the teacher AND the students…collaborative anchor charts are always displayed in my classroom. Concepts learned and data collected during these two activities above were used as a resource for several weeks after these anchor charts were created. Lessons in my business education classroom are always DATA DRIVEN!

Power at Their Fingertips!

I totally “borrowed” this idea from someone else. It speaks volumes!

Brand Story…Product Story…Business Story

This resource is FREE in my TpT Store

This is the first day of school…yep! They are coloring, talking, and thinking about businesses that they love. I never spend the first day going over all the “things” they need to know about hall passes, restroom breaks, materials needed, and such. I want my first day to be different and engaging!

The Main FREE resource in my TpT store!
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Where does our food come from?

Students making global connections…


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