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Your First Week of School Lesson Plans…DONE!

Your First week of school lesson plans…done!

How do I keep my incoming business education students engaged while their schedules are still being finalized and many do not have a device yet?  That’s why I created, what has become, my all-time best selling resource – America Runs on Business™!

First Week of School Lesson Plans
American Runs on Business™
Why is America Runs on Business™ so awesome?

America Runs on Business™ gets your students thinking about business in America on Day 1!

  1. There is a student business activity file (Perfect for the first day of school or semester!)
  2.  An infographic presentation with WebQuest and industry analysis.
  3. A prompt to have students complete a Google Slide to add to a collaborative project file, so that students are in the driver’s seat and leading the instruction!
  4. A “Most Recognizable Brands-Memory Challenge” game is included.
  5. My Logo/Slogan game is included – Students love this!
  6. A ‘Would You Rather’ game was added in August 2023.
  7. Plus, the beautifully-themed and wildly popular American Runs on Business™ bulletin board is included!
America Runs on Business™ includes this AWESOME bulletin board!
What classes would you use ‘america runs on business™’?

America Runs on Business™ is perfect for:

  • Business Essentials (Introduction to Business)
  • Entrepreneurship class
  • Marketing class
  • Accounting class
  • …or really any Business Education class!
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