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15 Keyboarding Practice FUN Typing Activity Files for Computer Applications Class Lessons – FULL YEAR BUNDLE



These Keyboarding Practice Fun Typing Activity Files have quickly become my students’ favorite!  Students increase speed and accuracy while learning some awesome cultural lessons, history lessons, explore literature…AND SO MUCH MORE!  This is a complete collection of KEYBOARDING/TYPING PRACTICE FUN FILES for the ENTIRE school year…at least one for every month of school!

This bundle includes a lesson library so you can keep these individual files organized.

These practice files are not meant to replace teaching proper finger placement and technique. These files simply keep students ENGAGED and TYPING! When they type the whole period, they are increasing their speed and accuracy! I use them for early finisher files in all of my Computer Software and Application classes. Teachers also use theses files with ESL students using Google’s Translation Function!

YOU CAN HEAR A PIN DROP when students are working on these files! They LOVE them! NO PREP! GREAT FOR SUB DAYS!

Just make a copy…send to your LMS…then students make a copy…and they have their own file to type in the text boxes, complete, and turn in! It’s that easy! ALL THE WORK IS DONE FOR YOU!

The individual keyboarding practice files are as follows:

  • Keyboarding Digital Activities-FUN! (BEST SELLER)
  • Keyboarding with Pumpkin Spice
  • Halloween Keyboarding Practice FUN!
  • Veterans’ Day Keyboarding Practice and Learning file
  • Thanksgiving Keyboarding File
  • Black Friday Shopping Keyboarding Practice and Learning file
  • Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Keyboarding Practice and Learning file
  • Winter Sports and Activities File
  • Christmas and Holiday Songs Fun Keyboarding File
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Keyboarding Practice and Learning File
  • Valentine’s Day Keyboarding Practice File
  • St. Patrick’s Day Keyboarding Fun File
  • Spring Keyboarding Fun File for Practice
  • Taco Tuesday/Cinco de Mayo Keyboarding Typing Practice Fun Lesson
  • Video Games Keyboarding Practice Typing Fun Learning Lesson


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